How We're Revolutionizing Work Uniforms

We are revolutionizing the work uniform at Billboard Uniforms. The work uniform used to be boring, uncomfortable, unstylish, and cost you money! Your employees dreaded wearing them and your customers never looked twice at them. We are here to change all that! We have changed the game in the workplace attire and your uniforms will now be working for you! In the post we will discuss how we have revolutionized the work uniform and how you can join us in revolutionizing your business!

a woman wearing a custom printed ice cream shirt

Walking Billboards

So many businesses are missing the mark when it comes to advertising their brand! We know a business's employees are key factors in the customer experience and what an employee is wearing can lead to a lasting memory. Make what your customer sees represent your brand with your custom logo, colors, and designs. As a bonus, if your employees love their uniforms they will wear them to more than just work—get your name out on the town!

man wearing a custom printed work shirt

Comfort and Style

The days of scratchy, tight-fitting, no-stretch professional wear are over! Let loose with our wide selection of work uniforms that will feel anything but uniform. Your employees work better when they are comfortable and feel like they can express themselves. Show them you care and browse our shop for our sweatshirts, jackets, T-shirts, polos, shorts, joggers, leggings, women’s skirts, and more!

man and woman wearing custom printed work shirts

Create More Revenue

Our work uniforms do something different! Instead of costing you money that you will never see again, our ensembles are an investment. With our billboard style and brand awareness more people will see your business and start generating more money. A button-down and tie was nice for employees serving the public before, however, an excited employee having fun and boasting about their company with the logo on their chest will be even better!

custom sports fan wear

Create Fanwear

When a customer sees a cool jacket or comfy outfit they will ask how they can have it! Create your very own fanwear shop for customers to get in on branding for you. Bonus: when customers are looking at your brand in their closet every day they will remember their experience and be more likely to come back time and time again.

Customize Your Creations

Our uniforms are 100% customizable, from style and fit to colors and branding. Have fun exploring our uniform selections and choosing your business personal style! If you don’t see what you’re looking for we are here to help!

At Billboard Uniforms, we know that a great first impression will last a lifetime and our comfortable, stylish, customizable walking billboard designs are sure to create that positive lasting effect! Stick with us and your brand will always pop!

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