1/4 zip

Long Sleeve - 1/4 Zip

Cold employees are unhappy employees, and unhappy employees are unproductive employees. So how do you put a stop to this tragic progression? Well, you can start by giving your employees long sleeve pullovers they’ll love! These aren’t just any pullovers, though. The zip-up pullovers from Billboard Uniforms are emblazoned with your company’s branding, allowing them to drive sales on their own, even as they keep your staff comfortable!

Like their short sleeve counterparts, our long sleeve 1/4 zips are perfect for the times when your employees want an extra layer. They feature our soft, flexible fabrics and our dye sublimated designs, which means they’re unparalleled in terms of both comfort and marketing power. If you’re looking to improve your uniforms and your bottom line at the same time, there’s no better solution than our long sleeve pullovers. They’re only part of our full lineup of uniform apparel, so we encourage you to browse our selection and get in touch to learn more!