Long Sleeve V-neck

Long Sleeve - V-Necks

Imagine how good your business would look in one of these. Billboard Uniforms offers long sleeve v-necks that can be fully customized to create a stylish work uniform unlike any other. Gone are the days of bland, boring, and uncomfortable work uniforms that your employees hate wearing and your customers hate seeing. Instead, check out our long sleeve v-necks, which are the latest innovation in the world of work uniforms.

Featuring a durable material that’s also antimicrobial, these v-necks are perfectly suited to a wide variety of work environments. The long-sleeved silhouette looks right at home in any business setting, while the angled neckline evokes a sense of modern trends. Plus, these shirts are incredibly easy to care for and maintain, making them a worthwhile investment for any organization looking to get more bang for their buck. Find your favorite style below, then contact us to see how affordable our custom uniforms are!